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Frequently Asked Questions

On a global scale, the EV market is poised to undergo a fivefold growth, soaring from its current valuation of $160 billion to a staggering $800+ billion by 2027. Yet, this meteoric rise comes with an inherent challenge – a scarcity of skilled talent. This is precisely where EV Masterclass steps in, offering a meticulously curated curriculum designed, developed, and delivered by luminaries from within the industry

EV Masterclass is an upskilling and job aggregator platform in the Electric Vehicle Industry. We solve the talent scarcity problem of the EV industry by providing well nurtured and groomed professionals through industry centric, short term, hands on intense upskill programs which make them productive from day 1. EV Masterclass acts as that bridge between thousands of aspirers who are seeking employment opportunities in EVs but are limited by their knowledge, skill and exposure and on the other hand, the EV companies who are struggling to recruit, train and retain the right talent.

The EV Masterclass is a comprehensive educational program focused on electric vehicles. It covers various aspects, including technology, maintenance, charging infrastructure, and environmental impact, designed for enthusiasts, professionals, and anyone interested in the world of electric vehicles.

The masterclass is suitable for a wide audience, including automotive professionals, engineers, students, environmentalists, and anyone eager to deepen their understanding of electric vehicles.

The masterclass covers a range of topics such as EV technology, battery management, charging infrastructure, regulatory landscape, and the future of electric mobility.

The duration of the masterclass may vary, but typically it spans [X] days/hours. Check the specific schedule for detailed information.

Depending on the format, there may be practical sessions, workshops, or demonstrations to enhance the learning experience. Refer to the course details for specific information.

Yes, we offer both in-person and online options for participants, providing flexibility for those unable to attend in person.

Registration details, including fees and procedures, can be found on our official website evmasterclass Follow the instructions to secure your spot.

While there are no strict prerequisites, a basic understanding of automotive concepts may enhance your learning experience. The masterclass is designed to accommodate participants with varying levels of expertise.

Yes, participants who successfully complete the masterclass will receive a certificate acknowledging their participation.

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