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Certified electric vehicles courses that prepare learners for success

EV Master Class Courses

Our electric vehicles course is designed for:

EV Course

Entrepreneurs, Professionals, or MSME owners who want to learn all about EVs, business model and different policy frameworks.

best electric vehicle courses

Any student or individual looking for the necessary knowledge and understanding to succeed in the electric vehicle industry

An industry-focused solution, EV Master Class consists of courses on electric vehicles created by industry experts and delivered by CXOs. They are delivered in such a way that an easy understanding of EVs is achieved.

Our courses on electric vehicles include:

Course structure

This course is structured in such a way that anyone, even without any prior knowledge of automotive or engineering, can still board, understand and succeed.

Thanks for the unique pedagogy of relative learning we have adopted to ensure that understanding is easier. 

Engaged Pedagogy Adopted

A detailed study of the evolution of technology.

Working principles of an automobile & different components.

Relative theory of learning

Evaluation through assignments and projects

Regular interactions with CXOs of the EV industry

In addition, our courses on electric vehicles won’t have you spending a lot of time reading reports, policy documents and Technical papers as all of that hard work has already been done for you and is condensed in such a way that those who take the course will get a real head start.

EV Master Class highlights:

EV Course


  • We assist with internship and job opportunities for the next 6 months after the course.
  • Our instructors are industry experts,CXOs.
  • Direct interaction with industry leaders.
  • Interaction with policymakers and think tanks.
  • Industry visits and lab work*
  • A 360-degree curriculum that includes both technical and business models.
  • Interpretation of data and understanding government policies in the right direction.
  • The opportunity to connect with EV industry experts and be part of the largest EV community ever.
EV Course


  • We help you source the right nurtured candidate.
  • Hiring from EV Master Class helps you increase employee retention, satisfaction, fitment, and reduce acquisition and training costs.
  • Organisations can provide or impart basic training to candidates well in advance before hiring them, so that they are prepared for the job right from the start.
  • Additionally, this master class also could serve as a training / orientation program for all your employees to introduce them to the world of EVs.

Our industry-centric approach focuses on the needs of our students and professionals by exposing them to:

Regular interactions with industry experts and policymakers

Factory / lab visits*

Internship opportunities, mentoring support and job support

Our Mentors are our biggest differentiators:

Finding courses on electric vehicles within this industry with the right qualifications and instructors can be difficult. Our differentiator is the strong mentor base we have who are industry leaders, CXOs, policymakers, think-tanks leading this industry from the forefront.

EV Course
best electric vehicle courses
EV Course
EV Course

Start your EV Journey today

During the transformation and success of your career and business, we will also work together and guide you step-by-step with the following: 

Stay updated with the industry trends and demonstrate your job readiness to potential employers..

Launch yourself into the EV industry with state of the art, success oriented courses taught by industry experts.

Launch yourself as an EV entrepreneur under the safe guidance of the industry experts.

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