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EV Masterclass is a first-of-its-kind solution consisting of industry-centric courses developed and taught by industry experts and CXOs. Students, professionals, and entrepreneurs with an interest in electric vehicles can take courses with us to become qualified professionals and gain a deeper understanding of EVs. 

EV Masterclass empowers millions of learners to unleash their potential and become experts in the EV industry.

Exclusive Partnership – 1

Government of Andhra Pradesh

EV Master class has set up a state of the art Centre of Excellence for electric vehicles in Andhra Pradesh & trains the state's youth, as part of the exclusive Partnership with the Government of Andhra Pradesh.

EV Masterclass exchanging MOU with Hon. Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh Sri. Y S Jagan Mohan Reddy

Exclusive Partnership - 2

IIT Madras

IIT Madras - The World Renowned Institute & the Country's No.1 Technological University enters an exclusive Partnership with EV Masterclass to not only build and refine the curriculum but also as certification & mobilization partner

EV Masterclass exchanging MOU with IIT Madras Pravartak, of IIT Madras

Exclusive Partnership - 3

T Hub

T Hub - The World's Largest Incubator has appointed EV Masterclass as their exclusive partner to promote entrepreneurs, startups and employable professionals in the EV Industry

EV Masterclass exchanging MOU with T Hub in the presence of Hon. Principle Secretary Sri. Jayesh, IAS

Exclusive Partnership - 4


GIZ - The German Federal body appointed EV Masterclass as their partners for all their electric vehicle Training Programs across the country. A great validation to our quality & content.

EV Masterclass conducting Faculty Development Program in EV Technology for Kerala Govt as part of the MOU

Exclusive Partnership - 5


The National Skill Development Council, the apex body of the Government of India for skilling and training has entered an MOU with EV Masterclass to be their content development, training & Certification partner

The Automotive Skill Development Council, the Sector Councils of Government of India has entered an MOU with EV Masterclass to be their content development, training & Certification partner

Future Partnerships in 2024

MIT & Texas A & M University

Massachusetts Institute of Technology is the world's no.1 Technological university and we intend to partner with the MIT Mobility lab to train & research

EV Masterclass intends to Partner with Texas A&M University and roll out a diploma program in electric vehicle industry in US

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Industry Visit

Hands-on experience through Centers of Excellence & Industry visits is the core differentiator of EV Masterclass


Strategic Partnerships

Is the core strength of EVMC, Exclusive Partnership with T Hub, Govt of AP, IIT Madras, ASDC, NSDC, Altair etc



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